Window and Door Installation Instructions in Los Angeles, CA

Put your trust in manufacturers that prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. B&B Doors operates according to guidelines set forth by the National Wood Window & Door Association. We do this to ensure our materials and products remain intact and ready for use in any projects we undertake.

Here, you’ll find convenient window and door installation instructions in Los Angeles, CA, as well as sliding door installation instructions. Read them carefully to ensure whoever installs your latest investments does right by them–this will ensure your new windows and doors look good in your home or business.

Installation Instructions

  1. The utility or structural strength of the doors must not be impaired in fitting to the opening, in applying hardware, in preparing for lights, louvers, or plant-ons or other detailing.
  2. Use a minimum of one hinge for each 30 inches of door height on all exterior doors and all solid core doors. When using 3 or more hinges, they are to be equally spaced. Interior doors that are hollow core and weighing less than 50 pounds and not over 7/6 high may be hung on 2 hinges.
  3. Clearances between door edges and doorframe shall be a minimum of 1/16 of an inch on the hinge edge, 1/8 of an inch on the latch edge and top rail.
  4. All hardware locations, preparations for hardware, and methods of hardware attachment must be appropriate for the specific door construction. Templates for specific hardware preparation are available from the hardware supplier.
  5. Apply the sealer, primer, or first coats of the required finish, on exterior doors, immediately after fitting, cutting for hardware, weather-stripping, etc., and before installation of any hardware.
  6. When light or louver cutouts are made for exterior doors, they must be protected in order to prevent water from entering the door core. Metal flashing at the bottom of the cutout is one satisfactory method.

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